Haunting At Cliffhouse Hints


You truly do not need a walkthrough for this game, only a list of things you must do to advance in the game. It was designed this way to avoid having to use a walkthrough for the whole game. What fun is that?


Scavenger Hunt List
1. Vases(5) - Library (Green), 2nd Floor Bathroom (Pink), Dining Room (Blue), Grand Hall Left View (Yellow), History Room (Flowered)
2. Mask - Ballroom
3. Journal - Study
4. Lighthouse - Study
5. Indian Pipe - History Room
6. Basket with Shells - Basket in Kitchen, 3 shells on beach (combine in inventory)
7. Fish Bowl with Gold Fish- Fish Bowl in 2nd Floor Bathroom. Obtain water from sink in 2nd floor bathroom or 1st floor bathtub or from garden pond by combining net with fishbowl in inventory and then click on the pond water. Obtain goldfish from water in garden pond with net. Combine goldfish with water-filled fish bowl in inventory.
8. Lit Japanese Lantern - Lantern in Boathouse, Candle from Grand Hall (left view), Matches from Kitchen - Match can be struck on wood above lantern in Boathouse or combined with sandpaper from Artist's Studio or use the lit lanterns in boathouse.
Puzzles And Objects To Trigger The Puzzles
1. Fish Match on door to Boathouse - wooden fish obtained in kitchen
2. Piano - sheet music from desk drawer in Study - SOLVE
3. Masks - mask on fireplace mantel in Ballroom
4. Japanese Cards - piano in Ballroom - given to Lu Ling in Garden - SOLVE
5. Garden Puzzles (4) - clicking on the dragon stands in Garden - SOLVE
6. Jigsaw Puzzle - puzzle box in Sarah's bedroom assembled on the picture in the History Room - PLACEMENT
7. Spot the Difference - Artist's Studio 3rd floor picture - SOLVE
8. Totem Puzzle (2) - Attic 3rd floor on totem pole
9. ESP Test - with Doctor in Grand Hall (left view)
10. Lotus Flower - retrieve from garden pond with net, give to the White Goddess
11. Keys to the Doctor & Professor's rooms - talk with the Seahag on the beach and learn about keys to get into Doc's room and Professor's room; bring the Seahag 2 items (oil & map). Obtain the keys from the office in the Main Hall.
12. Music Box - Attic 3rd floor - key from Professor's room and combination clue in the Breakfast room - SOLVE
Items Needed To Get To Night Time
1. Ax from Boathouse
2. Winebottle from Kitchen
3. Sandpaper from Artist's Studio - 3rd Floor
4. Matches from Kitchen
5. ESP test with Doc done
6. Lotus flower given to the White Goddess in the Garden
7. Oil and Map given to the Seahag on the Beach
8. All Puzzles done
9. Scavenger Hunt done
Night Time
1. You are beckoned to the Chapel - go outside, through the forest, and enter the Chapel. You are locked in, use the Ax on the door after talking with the ghost.
2. Stop in the Japanese Garden to collect the lotus flowers to give to the White Goddess
Next Day
1. Go to the Boathouse. Use the bottle on the shelf with the other bottles to solve the Bottle Puzzle. This will get you the boat. - SOLVE
2. Maze - Click on the fairy Faylyn if help is needed traversing the maze.
3. Solve the totem puzzle by using the clues at the top left of the screen - SOLVE

Cindy Pondillo 2012