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by Foggy_Moors
Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:48 pm
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Topic: The Cameron Files 2: Pharaoh's Curse
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The Cameron Files 2: Pharaoh's Curse

An Ancient Evil Awakes... and the Pharaoh no longer slumbers. Investigate the disappearance of the Pharaoh. An ancient ritual revisited awakens a Pharaoh long dead and entombed. You must piece together the clues to discover the real reason why the mummy is missing. Investigate the kidnapping of one ...
by Foggy_Moors
Thu Jun 12, 2003 3:31 pm
Forum: Review or Rate Games
Topic: The Watchmaker
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The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker was a good game. I wouldn't rate it in my top ten, but it was definitely worth playing once. The game had the feel of Clue, with all the characters, such as the Gardner, Cook, and Maid. The story line was good and easy to follow, but I was somewhat disappointed with the graphics, whic...
by Foggy_Moors
Tue Aug 06, 2002 1:01 pm
Topic: The Mystery Of Time And Space (Online graphic adventure)
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:P Welcome - It is so exciting to have a new member!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked out The Mystery of Time and Space, this is really amazing. I can't wait until I really get to sit down and play it. I am definitely ready for more to come!