Nancy Drew : The final scene

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Nancy Drew : The final scene

Postby highland » Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:28 am

It was such a pleasure to play this game !!
Maya, a friend of Nancy was kidnaped in an old theatre, and hidden in it. Unfortunately, the building must be demolished in three days.
So you run after the time to save Maya. But this place is magic because Harry Houdini himself made his show here. If you have a magician's soul, you'll succeed !!
So in that conditions, you will discover such amazing things (secret passageways, secret rooms, puzzles, automaton, magic tricks ...).
This game is different than the other : this time you have to save a life, and it's a little bit stressing.
Scenery is wonderful and it's a pleasure to visit this theatre ! The frame of mind of this period was well represented.
The night-club music that escort you in this game, put you in the atmosphere.
All characteres have a lot of raisons to kidnap Maya, and it was so difficult to find the culprit that i was surprised at the end.
I was trap, i died so many time... So good luck !!!!
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Postby Ghostwolf » Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:52 pm

I'll agree, highland, the ending is terribly nerve racking. :shock:
The ghosts are everywhere, you just have to look for us...
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