Voyage (Jules Verne)

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Voyage (Jules Verne)

Postby warmbear » Thu Jul 20, 2006 8:53 am

At the beginning, this appears to be your standard point-n-click adventure. Overall, the game is well constructed.

The graphic interface is straight forward.

The game's graphics are pleasing to the eye, and fit the game well, although the cutscenes, which look like entries in a book, will throw you unless you realize that they are intentionally thus created to evoke Jules Verne's time period.

The storyline is classic, and well realized.

I found no unfair puzzles. There was some pixel hunting on occasion. A great deal of inventory gathering is required, as well as multiple visits to various locations to obtain more inventory (Your character can carry only 3 of any one item at a time, and some items you need much more than 3 units to complete your quests).

Timed sequences: There were a few timed sequences, which I abhor in adventure games, they belong in action or platform games, but the game's designers give you plenty of time to complete your necessary actions before you run out of time/die.

Action sequences: Action sequences are a HUGE no-no in adventure games.. This game has some "jumping" required, but it is not overly difficult (if I can do it, most anyone should be able to). Also, you can make the jumping even easier by mixing some of the "lunar fruits" together, cooking, and eating them (This increases your jumping "window").

Gameplay: 4 (points lost for "action" and "timed" sequences)
Graphics: 10
Interface: 10
Storyline: 10

34 out of 40 points, A recommended, enjoyable game to play with children to trick them into "reading" a classic (they would likely also enjoy the "jumping")...
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Postby shany » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:19 am

I really liked this game. The interface was simple, the graphics were nice, the voice acting (what little of it there was) was good, and most of the puzzles were fair, though not always clear.

I did have a few problems with the game (possible spoilers) -

The beginning is very unclear and with all the timed sequences it is very hard to get into the game. Starting a game with timed sequences is a big problem, because you are not used to the interface yet and it's not obvious if what you are doing is right.

After actually landing on the moon your first objectives are not exactly clear and there is too much to explore at once. I missed one important puzzle near the begining because it was placed in a location that didn't
seem relevant, and the action icon didn't appear at first.

Alot of times it wasn't obvious what was needed to get a certain machince running, even if you were hinted at the source of the problem.

A certain item was only clued about twice - very early in the game, and after getting said item.

I really wanted an end puzzle - in the game, once you get everything you need, you pretty much finished the game. I really wanted a big last puzzle to know I was about to finish.

There were things I liked too -

There were a lot of optional puzzles that you didn't have to solve and were just there for getting a higher score. Some of those were pretty fun.
This game had the only musical puzzles I ever managed to solve by myself.

There were also some optional things to get - the fake jaw that you can buy and will cause the selenites to crack their jaws at you was really weird, and you could also buy some paintings (probably concept art).

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