ND Games/ Secret of the Scarlet Hand

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ND Games/ Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Postby blsbet44 » Sun Jul 11, 2004 7:18 am

If you decide to buy this game make sure that you also buy a little notebook as well.
It has a great story line. Teen girls ( and some adults I know) love it
This game is loaded with quizzes, a couple of hard puzzles, lots of tasks. It is very easy to lose track in this game. :bang

Nancy Drew gets a job in a museum that is showing off a new Mexican exhibit. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a monolith. As she goes about doing simple tasks (calling for supplies, fixing a piece of pottery, returning an addendum) the alarm goes off.
A priceless jade piece has been stolen and there are several suspects.

Then it gets tough. One of the people working in the museum, Henrik, goes missing. Alejandro, who works at the embassy, is livid about how the Mexican artifacts got there. Joanna, the curator, gets hauled in for questioning. Taylor, who was an agent for getting the artifacts, is no help. He accuses the museum for not having enough security.

Nancy is given the task of solving this case. She also has to get the museum ready for opening day. That means that she also has to finish up Henrik and Joanna's tasks

As she goes to work, she find out about a smuggling artifacts trade, learns about the Mayan history, how to decipher glyphs, and tries to find out what is INSIDE the monolith.

I really liked this game. Anyone who thinks that Nancy Drew games are for silly teen age girls ought to try this one. I know some adults who had to use a walk-through. :tear

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