Guess What I Seen Yesterday...

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Guess What I Seen Yesterday...

Postby StarLite » Sat Jul 18, 2015 9:56 am

One of Pete's babies. Hubby calls him RePete. It was raining here yesterday so I was standing at the back door looking at the birds when I seen movement at the bottom of the steps. First I thought it was Pete, but it was too small. That's just great, now we're going to be swarmed by baby rabbits. Hubby says that's a good sign because there's no predators in the area, which means no Coyotes to worry about.

Then a little chipmunk showed up to eat seed with the birds. The birds didn't seem to be bothered by the little guy, he even chased away some of the black birds and they are bigger than him.

It was so funny, the Morning Doves were letting the rain clean under their wings yesterday. They would raise each wing for a bit till it got wet under there. I love nature, but I don't love them digging up my mulch.

Drac, at least your chickens give something back :lol:
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