Dog Chuckles and Frustrations!

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Dog Chuckles and Frustrations!

Postby draclvr » Thu May 09, 2019 9:23 am

Some of you know a couple of months ago we were adopted by a dog that was dumped out here in the country. Our last dog (also a dumper) died last September and we were thinking of getting a senior dog. But no! We have a Bloodhound the size of a pony decide WE are her humans. Of course, who can say no to the face of a Bloodhound, so we got her spayed, shots etc. Turns out she's essentially an 80 pound puppy about a year old. Oh, my... Bella showed up Tuesday with a gash/puncture wound on the inner thigh of one of her hind legs and had surgery today . They had to leave a drain in because it was quite deep, so they sent home a cone of shame. Do 40 acres of ears, lips, jowls and neck fit inside even on the largest setting? Oh, hell no! I tried to get a picture, but it came off as soon as it went on. Bella must be kept quiet and away from the drain and stitches for 2 weeks. Pray for me...

UPDATE THIS MORNING Had to put her out in the dog pen inside the barn about midnight. She was baying in the house! I also just brought hubby home that afternoon from a back procedure, so he was exhausted. Got up early this morning and went out to get her - no Bella. Got no idea how she got out, but she may have climbed the 5' fence. EGADS! Went over to the neighbors where she goes every morning to play with their white wolf-dog for hours. Yup, there she and Odin were having a good old time! Talked to my neighbor and she said Odin has been moping around for two days and they thought he might be sick. Nope.. he was just moping missing Bella.

Sutures and drain still in place... continued thoughts and prayers, please!
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Re: Dog Chuckles and Frustrations!

Postby LadyKestrel » Thu May 09, 2019 6:18 pm

OMG, Drac! You've been adopted by a pure bundle of kinetic energy! My sister and I have been complaining that our two are getting to be too much work for us, but they are calm angels compared to Bella. Good luck with her! :D

Zork also got a cone this past week, although it's a soft one. He managed to chew his haunch and backside raw overnight last Wednesday due to allergies, so the vet gave him a corisone shot and spray. Since the vet hospital is moving to a new site next week, they were out of medium-sized cones, so Zork ended up with one for a large dog. For a while, he looked like a big blue flower walking around the yard, but now he's wearing the cone like a cape. It still covers him if he tries to lick or chew those areas, but it makes navigating a bit easier for him. We've been calling him Superdog.

Tell Dave I wish him a quick recovery! Back problems are tough!
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