Guidelines for posting on this forum and registration information. How to navigate the website and where the hidden keys are located.
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Post by Ghostlady » Thu Nov 27, 2003 7:08 pm

This forum is intended to offer a place for people to get together and help each other out with their questions or to just communicate or debate in a friendly manner.

Threads and discussions must remain constructive and in good nature.

Things you can do on the board:

- Ask for help with game related problems.

- As for help with technical questions such as 'how can I make this game run in XP?”

- Talk about current news, current events etc.

- Answer questions/concerns of other members.

- Have a signature promoting your site or whatever else you may want to plug to other webmasters or people of the gaming community. This is a gaming and reading forum so any other types of links are prohibited.

Things you can not do on the board:

- Harass other members verbally, through the forums, private messages, or other.

- Use profanity against another member.

The forum staff does monitor the boards to make sure they are being used correctly, and will remove inflammatory, negative, etc. posts if deemed necessary. The forum staff reserves the right to remove any post at any time at our own discretion. Any users who abuse/spam the boards will be banned, after being given a warning in most cases.

All pictures/links/images seen on or linked to by this board are believed to be public domain, and are in no way presented in a manner that would imply them to be owned or copyrighted by the Mystery Manor Website.

Thank You in advance for adhering to these rules.
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