Ranks associated with number of posts

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Ranks associated with number of posts

Postby Ghostlady » Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:22 pm

Listed below are the rank names based upon your number of posts. For example, you will be Recently Deceased until your post count hits 10 and at that time your rank name will change to Restless Spirit.

    Recently Deceased - 0
    Restless Spirit - 10
    Wandering Spectre - 50
    Resident Ghost - 250
    Settled Spook - 500
    Hallowed Haunter - 1000
    Poltergeist - 1500
    Galloping Ghoul - 2500
    Ghastly Goblin - 5000
    Dastardly Demon - 7500
    Eerie Illusion - 10000
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