Shannara Chronicles

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Shannara Chronicles

Postby Lucien21 » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:33 am

Terry Brooks has written 25 ish novels in the Shannara series, but has struggled to break out of the mold. His first novel is usually written of as a LOTR clone and his latest books over the last few years have been a bit too similar to each other and I have dropped off reading his stuff.

His novels are not as grim and realistic as Game of Thrones and tend to be a lighter read than most current Fantasy tropes.

So after all these years he has finally gotten a TV show based on his novels. "The Shannara Chronicles" skips the first novel and goes straight to book two. The Elfstones of Shannara was released in 1983 (when I was a new teenager :shock: ) and saw Allanon the Druid wake up and seek out the son of the book one hero in a quest to save a dying tree that is holding back the demons held in the Forbidden.

The first couple of episodes premiered on MTV the other night. Did anyone watch it?

I thought that the show was ok so far. A decent adaption of the book it does follow the basic storyline so far, with exception of a stupid Hunger Games type race throught the forest at the :scratch:. Of course most of the actors are young and georgous, it is an MTV show, it's fantasy-lite so won't stand up to Game of Thrones and is based on a old novel. The show is maybe 10 years too late, but i'll keep watching.
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