Walkthrough written by:  Linda Shaw & Norma Kuderna

August, 2003

As Nancy has been asked to investigate a stolen carousel horse in an amusement park, you take on the task of helping her once again solve a crime.  It turns out that someone has stolen a particular horse from the carousel, not necessarily one that would be extremely valuable, but what might be inside of the horse?  As Nancy Drew investigates, she discovers that there is more to just what appears on the surface of each of the Amusement Park personnel!  Paula Santos, the owner of the amusement park, is a dear friend of Nancy's father.  She's asked Nancy to investigate not only the stolen carousel horse, but an accident on the roller coaster.  You are about to dive into yet another Nancy Drew mystery!


Read the THINGS TO DO on the laptop.  Check out your suitcase and the ironing board in the restroom.  Read brochure, (hmm.. Rolfe Kessler....)


Visit Harlen's Office at the entrance to the Amusement Park.  Get Fun card, and a map of Park  Look at that message board on the right side of Harlan and click on the Police dept.,number

Head for Joy's Office.

Phone call comes from Paula as you are going to Joy's Office.


Look at the pictures on the wall especially the framed newspaper clipping from The Cove Crier. there will be a down arrow so make sure you read the whole article. Nancy will say, "Hmm. Maybe I should give Detective Perris a call." and "Hidden Jewels? Maybe that's what whoever stole that carousel horse was after. Jewels from that heist."    Talk to Joy, get access card, open file drawer and take shorthand bill of sale.


Harlen: Ask everything (and Elliott)


As you enter, you will accidentally knock over a gallon of paint.  Elliott will make you leave and will not talk to you again until he has heard from Joy Trent.  Leave and go to Joy's Office.

JOY'S OFFICE: Use pad & pencil on her desk to leave a note.  Talk to Miles The Magnificent Memory machine.  Look at newspaper framed on the wall, and other paintings on the walls.  Read the newspaper article in the corner of the room, on top of a cardboard box.

ROLLER COASTER: receive phone call from Paula.  Notice access box is red tagged.  Open the access card box and click on the panel to the left.  Examine papers on the inside cover.  

INGRID'S OFFICE: Talk to her about the red tagged access box.

ELLIOTT'S OFFICE: receive call from detective outside Elliott's office.  Once inside, notice shelf to Elliott's right. Take tissue papers, and take the tape on the desk.

INGRID'S OFFICE:  Discuss the red tag on the roller coaster, and take the macro resistor & engineering handbook Ingrid offers.

HAUNTED HOUSE: Get keyboard next to robot on floor.

CAROUSEL: Use the access card.  Call Tink (1-609-555-9528), and leave him a message.  Go behind Carousel, and down through trap door. Get remote control device.  Find the letter as you are climbing back up from below the carousel.  The letter is about the carousel. Leave there for now.

Call Paula: Ask all questions.

Receive phone call from detective outside Elliott's office.

ELLIOTT'S OFFICE: Ask Elliott all questions, and ask him for the soldering gun, take it.

ROLLER COASTER:  Fix the access card circuit box.  Place the macro resistor on the right side of the circuit board.  Use the soldering gun and solder both ends of the resistor you just placed on the board, and only the wires shown soldered below.  Turn on the power.  Take red tag to Harlen, and he'll activate power.

Return to Roller Coaster, enter, and get the pencil from the Emergency stop button.  As you turn to leave and move forward once or twice, look down at the track.  When you try to leave, the track will fall on your feet, trapping you there.  To fix the track quickly click on the box in front of you.  Inside, click on the blue wire at the bottom, and then on the top right pin.  Click on the green wire and then on the bottom right pin.  Finally, click on the red wire and then on the middle right pin.  Turn on the power, and click on the GREEN SWITCH button on the far right.  Track is fixed!


Tell him about roller coaster accident.

JOY'S OFFICE:  Talk to her about her pencil, and the machine: Miles The Magnificent Memory Machine.

Get the first Riddle:


Harlen will not be there.  Move to the cameras.  Look at the magazine next to cameras…jot down the highlighted code 101190

Move to his locker: open locker combination using R1-L0-R1-L1-R9-L0 (Click on the top triangle after spinning dial to EACH number. Push CENTER CIRCLE to open locker).

Inside locker, look UP and at the appointment book. Note Louis G. 1-609-555-9317.  Look at the bottom of the locker. Take the video tape.  Go to the camera station and play the video tape. Jot down Ingrid's armed code. 0726  Put the video tape back in the locker.  Outside Harlen's office, call Louis G.

INGRID'S OFFICE:  Ingrid has armed the system, so you'll need to enter using the code you wrote down from the video Harlen recorded.  Outside Ingrid's office enter the access code: 0726

Look at the note on the table where she was working. Note the L.H. number: 1-609-555-7214.  Turn around and look at her desk, and the bag on her desk. Look at the sales receipt for the $20,000 watch. Look at the watch. On the other side of the desk, look at the Porcinian Pandora 2XS car.

ELLIOTT'S OFFICE:  Outside Elliott's office, Paula calls you. Discuss everything.

Enter Elliott's office. Ask him about the riddle "silvery remains" riddle.


Look at the room service menu. Call room service, order a Fundae. Eat the Fundae and take the spoon to Joy's office.

Outside Joy's office, Louis Guerra calls. Talk to him.

JOY'S OFFICE:  Inside Joy's office, talk to Joy. Use the spoon on the machine. Talk to the machine about memories.  2nd Riddle is a piece of paper. Take it.


In the bathroom, put the piece of paper on the ironing board.  Turn on the iron (remember to turn it off when you're done, or you'll burn the Hotel down!).  Use the iron on the paper 3xs (8+1+1) The 1st 8 notes + mouth organ (harmonica) + a little talent…


Talk to Joy. Talk to Miles The Magnificient Memory Machine.  Get the 3nd riddle.


Use the tissue paper & then the tape from Elliott's office on the pipe organ. Call Tink. Get the combination to the cabinet behind the carousel (18-9-39) Inside the small room behind the carousel, turn the dial right to 1 (push the triangular button at the top), then left to 8 (push the triangular button on top), then right to 9 (again, push the triangular button at the top), then left to 3 (push the triangular button) and finally right to 9 (push the triangular button). Push the button in the middle.  Take the 3rd roll.  Open the cabinet behind the carriage of the carousel. Put the roll #3 on the wooden dowel. The dowel breaks (not the bowel!).


Ask Elliott if you can use his equipment. Turn towards the right (from where he was sitting) and look inside the box on the table. Now put the broken dowel next to the ruler on the table. Look at the measurements.

Remember those measurements and the design on the handles of the dowel.  Turn around and head for the huge machine in the middle of the rear of the room. Take the goggles and put them on (goggles on top of the machine on the wall). Take a wooden dowel (from the left side) and put it on the machine.

Working the machine:

(a) slide the needle to the right one time.

(b) Turn the right lever UP 3 notches and turn on the machine.

(c) Slide the needle to the right again, and turn the lever on the right side of the machine UP 3 notches. Turn on the machine.

(d) Repeat the steps above until the needle has shaved up to 11".

(e) Now slide the needle one time to the right, and move the lever on the right UP only ONE time. Turn on the machine!

(f) Voila!

Return to the Carousel:

Insert the newly made dowel and then Roll # 3.  Below the POWER BUTTON is a switch. Flip the switch to ROLL. Turn on the power and write down the notes that are played. You only need the first 8 notes (according to the lime paper clue): A E D E F E A E (D C B A)  Now we need the mouth organ, or harmonica. Go to the Midway games. Harlen will call you to his security office. Go there first.  After talking to Harlen, return to the Midway games. Time to earn some tokens!


Look at the Prize-O-Matic machine. Notice that it takes 3 tokens to purchase a harmonica. It takes 1 Seahorse token to buy a party favor.

In the first machine, the idea is to get the squid to go through the loop/ring 3 times. Insert your FunCard and then move the wheel Left 1x. touch the SHRIMP button. Pull the LAUNCH lever. Move the wheel right 1x. Touch the Dolphin button. Pull the LAUNCH lever. Move the wheel right 1x. Touch the Whale button. Pull the LAUNCH lever. Take your anchor token.

Look at the 2nd machine. Insert your FUNCARD and then slide/move the pieces to get the swimmer to the beach 3x's. Take the Seahorse token.

The 3rd machine is not working and needs service. Go to Ingrid's office and discuss the Midway Game repair.

Return to the games. Open the back of the 3rd machine. Notice SERIAL NUMBER (KM5200). Read the instructions on Reprogramming Machine on the back of the machine. Connect Keyboard to monitor. Press ENTER. Type in SUPER (Enter), type in KM5200 (Enter). Voila!

Play the game and win the tokens.  Purchase the Harmonica in the Play-O-Matic machine.


Play the 8 tunes for Miles (A, E, D, E, F, E, A, E). Look at the bill of sale in your inventory (from the file cabinet). At this point in the game, you can call Bess and she'll send you a book with stenography in it so you can figure out the word that's missing on the bill of sale, or if you know stenography, then type in GLORY. Tell Joy you know the name of the horse, Glory.

Get the 3rd Riddle from Miles:  Exit, Call Tink - ask about the book from Darryl Trent. (Nightshade).

Call Paula - leave message

CAROUSEL:  Ride the ride with your fun card. Get the brass ring.

Go behind the Carousel, and use the party favor from the Midway Games to get the letter down. Read the letter.

INGRID'S OFFICE: Ask about Spooky, the dummy in the Haunted House. Take the arm, & pliers, ask everything else.

HAUNTED HOUSE: Put the arm on the dummy.  Use pliers 4x's to tighten the arm in place. Take red tag. Go to the Radiator and look on the wall behind it. Open the door. Use the Remote Control Device (from underneath the carousel). You'll need a key.

Go to Harlen (he won't talk to you).

Go to Joys. Outside Joy's office you'll get a call from Harlen. Go see him.

Take the key from the note. Ask Harlen to turn on the power to the dummy in the Haunted House.  Call Paula and leave her a short message.  Go to Elliott's Office.


Inside Elliott's office move towards the dowel machine.  Look at the magazine on the drill press.  Notice the post-it inside the magazine.  Make a note of the name: Sukov, and the phone number (1-303-555-3138).  Back up from the magazine and look on the floor to the left of where the magazine was.  Pick up and take the sales receipt for lumber.  Nancy will make a comment about all the lumber Elliott has purchased.

Outside Elliott's Office, call Sukov.  Ask him about the NICKNAME for Amelia.  He tells you it's SPATZI.  Write that down.  


Return to the Radiator. Use the Remote Control Device on the hidden panel. Use the key to open the lock. Once down inside the room, someone will drop a heavy object on you. Immediately step back, when you can.  Go back up the steps and click on the belly of Spooky Ten.  Enter the letters S-P-A-T-Z-I and place the brass ring on the arm.  A trap door opens.  Look left and go down the stairs. After you've fallen, pick up the jewels and the note addressed to Joy.  Put those items in your inventory.  Look right and enter the doors.  Look at the NIGHTSHADE horse and the forgery being made. Look at the e-mail correspondence sitting on the desk to the right of the computer.  Exit the door.  Meet Elliott there.  During your conversation, you'll have two choices.  Select: "That's right!  You want 'em? Here!"

When you regain control of your movements, go through the door and up the stairs.  Elliott will come for you.  Turn to Spooky Ten and remove the brass ring!  Elliott will fall down the trap door.


Another Nancy Drew Mystery solved!

This walkthrough will be updated frequently.

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Copyright: 08/7/03

Linda Shaw, Norma Kuderna

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