Play around with the numbered buttons and note that a 6-digit code must be entered. After 6 digits are pressed the lock will automatically react, the red light indicating that an incorrect code has been entered.
There are 4 paintings in the three adjoining rooms. When a painting is first examined its title is given. Study the paintings carefully and you see two numbers on each one - either in roman numerals or, on the one, the Ace of Hearts (1) and the 6 of Spades.
The titles of the paintings are:
 (a) Perfect Love
 (b) For Better or For Worse
 (c) Dark Wedding
 (d) Reminder
Hanging on the walls in the room to the left of the bath you also find a collection daggers and two masks. If you study the collection of daggers you'll see that one of them has two numbers engraved on it.
The inscription next to the locks can be divided into three parts:
IN MY MEMOIRS - which painting or object symbolizes 'memoirs'?
...THE INSTRUMENT OF MY SUFFERING - what is an 'instrument of suffering'?
WITH WHICH WE CELEBRATE OUR VOWS - what is celebrated with 'vows'?
Clearly the painting entitled 'Reminder' is the only object that can be associated with 'memoirs'. Although there are two 'instruments of suffering' (a painting of a sword and the dagger collection), the painting's title (For Better or For Worse) does not apply. Lastly, we celebrate a 'wedding' or 'marriage' with vows, For Better or For Worse is an actual vow - not what we celebrate.




IV and II3 and 6I and V
The 6 numbers that must be entered to replicate the sequence in the inscription are 4 2 3 6 1 5