You must recover the notebook Zeitel took when he shot you. Penny Pringle tells you that he's probably hidden it in his Cabin (C59). You also have to find the painting if you don't already have it.


To get here exit your Cabin and head right to the Grand Staircase (C Deck)
Climb the stairs to A Deck (always turning to your right)
At the top of the stairs again turn to your right and the First Class Lounge is straight ahead
You meet Claris Limehouse through the second door. Talk to her and she'll give you a shawl. The shawl is only used if Vlad has the notebook, so don't worry about finding a use for it.
You'll also find Zeitel in the Lounge. He tells you that he's poisoned Georgia (in Sasha Barbicon's Cabin) and is prepared to trade the antidote for the painting. If you've got the painting, trade it for the antidote now. Otherwise you must find it and return. Take note that Zeitel says he'll wait in the Lounge for you. If you don't talk to him at this point in the game he won't be here when you return.
You know that Haderlitz gave the second note to Jack Hacker. The Reverend Troutt also told you that Haderlitz visited a young girl in the 3rd Class Cabins. If he took the painting from the Cargo Hold before you got there, he may have similarly given it to her! When you meet the Gorse-Joneses later they tell you that the Hackers are in the 2nd Class Stairwell. However, by then it's too late to go there. Whether or not you must find the painting go to the Hackers on the lower decks.


The only way to get down to the lower decks is by using the 2nd Class Stairs
To get there you'll need to go out onto the Boat Deck
Turn around and go back to the Grand Staircase (A Deck)
Climb the stairs to the Boat Deck (always turning to your right)
At the top of the stairs again turn to your right and exit onto the Boat Deck (Starboard)
Head towards the rear of the ship to access the 2nd Class Stairs
Note: You should specifically keep to the starboard side of the Boat Deck to avoid meeting the Gorse-Joneses (on the port side) until you've completed your mission. They are helpful in getting you off the boat so ideally you only want to meet them at the end.
Go down the stairs to the lower decks. When the Engineer on B Deck stops you just insist on continuing.
Jack and Shailagh Hacker are in the stairwell on C Deck. Talk to them and they tell you that Mrs. Conklin took the baby. They give you the letter and ask you to trade it with Mrs. Conklin for the baby. In addition, if you don't have the painting Jack also offers it to you in return for the baby.


Make your way back up the stairs to the Boat Deck
At the top exit to the starboard side of the Boat Deck by using the door on your left
You find Mrs. Conklin (with the baby) at the lifeboats. Talk to her and trade the letter for the baby.


Now take the baby back to it's mother. If you don't have the painting Jack gives it to you. Although returning the baby isn't part of completing your mission (if you have the painting), you get the satisfaction of doing the first of your two good deeds!


You and Shailagh Hacker will automatically be on the port side of the Boat Deck. To avoid prematurely meeting the Gorse-Joneses you should enter the Grand Staircase through the first door. To get there walk forward twice and the door will be to your left.



Take the stairs down to A Deck Grand Staircase and turn left to get to the First Class Lounge.
If you've already got the antidote you don't need to talk to Zeitel. If not, and you first had to get the painting from Jack Hacker, talk to Zeitel and trade it for the antidote. He tells you that Georgia is in Sasha Barbicon's Cabin.
Note that if you talk to Trask he'll suggest playing Blackjack with Buick Riviera.


To get to the Smoking Room exit through the other Lounge door to the Aft Grand Staircase
The Smoking Room is directly ahead
You've just become a big time gambler! You play Blackjack with extremely high stakes. Buick Riviera wagers a boat pass against either the real necklace or the Rubaiyat. Note that you can afford to lose one of them without affecting the success of your mission. You only get two chances to win, so save a game before you play.


From the Smoking Room go back to the Grand Staircase through the First Class Lounge
The doors leading to the A Deck Cabins are directly opposite the Lounge entrance
Your second good deed (also not required to successfully complete your mission) is to save Georgia's life. You knock on Barbicon's cabin door and when Georgia opens give her the antidote.


From Barbicon's Cabin return to the Grand Staircase
Go down the stairs to C Boat Deck
At the bottom of the stairs turn to your left and go to the C Deck Cabins
Zeitel's Cabin (C59) is the first one on the left
Zeitel will return to his Cabin and find you inside. He puts the notebook on the bed, leaves and locks the Cabin. He tells you about the bomb in the suitcase on the sofa. The key to Zeitel's Cabin is in the suitcase. The bomb puzzle is actually pointless because you can leave the Cabin without de-activating the bomb or getting the key. All you have to do try to de-activate the bomb and after it explodes just leave the Cabin totally unscathed. Don't forget to take the notebook before you leave!
Should you want to de-activate the bomb for your own satisfaction I've included the solution.



From Zeitel's Cabin return to the Grand Staircase
Climb the stairs to the Boat Deck
At the top of the stairs turn to your right and exit onto the Boat Deck (Starboard)
Walk along the starboard side to the aft end of the shop
Go around the aft end to get to the port side
You'll find Zeitel on the 2nd Class Promenade. Talk to him and trade the boat pass for the painting. If you've got a conscience about giving the letter back to Conklin talk to him (he's standing next to Zeitel) and watch him get his just reward!
You've completed your mission and all that remains is to get into a lifeboat and off the ship. Continue along the port side toward the front of the ship until you meet the Gorse-Joneses. They're about to get into a lifeboat and ask you to join them.
Note that if you didn't avoid the Gorse-Joneses earlier there is another way off the ship. You need to find Officer Morrow and offer to help him. You may have to speak to him a few times before he lets you into a lifeboat. This normally only happens just before 2:00 AM.