Now that you speak fluent Selenite, return to the third level and talk to Scurvy the Insomniac. Discuss all the possible dialog topics to learn that the exiles (the alien creatures previously encountered) are called with the hydraulic organ (in the middle of the crater) and that they pass through the mountain via the fan-shaped devices. This information will also be transcribed into the log. He offers to get the exiles to carry your shell to the space cannon if you answer two series of logic questions correctly.


"When facing the sacred artificial jaw of Selenos the First,
every lunar inhabitant must crack his nasal cartilage as a
sign of respect. On every other occasion, proper etiquette
absolutely forbids making that sort of noise.

The key point to realize is that lunar inhabitants must only crack their nasal cartilage when facing the artificial jaw and are forbidden from doing so at any other time.


"When the Supreme Ruler, Master of all that lives in our
hospitable caves, blinks his frontal ommatidia, all lunar citizens present light up their cerebral lobes as a token
of approval and respect."

This time it's important to realize that citizens can light up their cerebral lobes at any time, even if the Supreme Ruler is not present or doesn't blink his frontal ommatidia. Therefore, at least two of his questions are answered by selecting the 'We cannot affirm anything for sure' option.
After answering his logic questions Scurvy tells you to tip your shell over the brink of the ravine to bring it to the same level as the space cannon, assemble the exiles in their stables and then come back to him.


Insert the level 2 hierarchical key in the slot to open the metal door next to Scurvy. As you remove the bust it drops to the floor and shatters. Pick up and examine the shattered bust pieces (in your inventory) to find that the cavity behind the nose makes a sound similar to maracas. Use any heavy object (iron bar, rifle, lunar tool, etc.) to smash the cavity and take the sodium chloride, commonly known as salt. Repair the pieces with Yrshnouff's gluance (glue) and replace the bust in the niche.


Scrupul (the Selenite technician on the fifth level) is responsible for the lumen machine, spare parts and raw materials. He provides a great deal of information, but won't divulge most of it without being paid. If you sold the suggested items to the Dignitary you should have enough lunars (money) to pay him.
He tells you that azotic acid and blue ore are used to make lumen. He also mentions that the broken machine next to the parabolic mirror (on the first level) was previously used to make lumen.
In return for payment he tells you to coat your shell with Klipso's lightening paint, then use a lever to flip it down to the ravine. He says that the liquid essence required to make Klipso's paint can be obtained from the decanter-measure of Klipsaggt in the Hall of Secret Antiquities. Again if paid, he tells you that following Xuldakir's star (which is made from a formula in the laboratory) will get you into the Hall of Secret Antiquities.
You learn that the purifier in the laboratory has a multitude of uses and that the colour purple is a scientific favourite.
Finally, you can buy information on making explosive charges. One of the ingredients is an exploding mushroom (from the second level) which must be placed in a sealed container before it explodes. He suggests that you eat a compote of yellow and green fruit to stimulate your reflexes thereby making it easier to catch the mushrooms. This will be dealt with later in the walkthrough.
Scrupul won't let you take or examine anything so you need to either distract him or keep him otherwise occupied.


You know some mixed compotes cause an effect on Ardan. You should experiment with all the various combinations. Remember that drinking a glass of water clears the effect caused by a compote.

PURPLE / RED compote

No effect on Ardan
Used to pacify exile with BLUE and YELLOW plants

RED / BLUE compote

Ardan feels weird - PURPLE vision

BLUE / YELLOW compote

Ardan feels weird - GREEN vision
Used to pacify exile with PURPLE and GREEN plants

YELLOW / GREEN compote

Ardan feels fantastic - stimulates metabolism

GREEN / PURPLE compote

No effect on Ardan
Used to pacify exile with RED and BLUE plants

BLUE / GRAPE compote

Ardan gets drunk
On earth GRAPE is used to make wine
Note: Try this a few times for some 'fun'

All other combinations produce a revolting mixture that cannot be used for anything

Perhaps these combinations will affect the Selenites in the same way. You won't be able to physically give a compote to a Selenite, but did you notice Scurvy and Scrupul regularly feeding from the tubes? Compotes can be added to the Selenite food supply by placing them in the vat in the kitchen. The effect on the Selenites can be cleared by switching the distribution from food to water with the lever next to the vat.
When the YELLOW / GREEN compote is added to the food supply, Scrupul (on the fifth level) reacts to this newfound energy by becoming totally engrossed in his work. This allows you to take whatever you need without him noticing.


In the storage cabinet against the wall you find a cogged cylinder, handle, leak proof globe, belt and ax. There's also a shovel and two troughs containing supplies of blue ore and azotic acid. The azotic acid must be transported in the can (from your shell) and as you need the can for other purposes first, there's no point in taking the acid now.


The purifier in the laboratory needs to be repaired before it can be used. Examine it carefully to note that three parts are missing. A leak proof globe must be fitted on the top left, to match the one on the right. The belt must be attached to the wheels on the right, again matching the wheels on the left. A shovel is fitted at the bottom in the centre. This is where the ingredients are put into the purifier and finished items are received. The four valves need to be greased, but you don't yet have any grease or oil. Study the various chemistry formulas (either on the slabs or in your log) carefully and you should be able to identify the formula for making grease by the illustrations of 'grinding' and 'smooth' cogs.

Getting the hang of operating the purifier may take a few tries, so you should save a game at this point.
The first illustration on the top line shows a mixture of purple and red fruits inside the purifier. If you insert a mixture of uncooked purple and red fruit in the purifier (place it in the shovel) the process fails as the organic matter is too fragile. Try a cooked mixture (red and purple compote) and you learn that the ingredients are right, but because the valves are stuck the process fails. You should have seen one of the valves turning red during the process. You could try opening the valves by hand, but they're too hot to touch. What about using the mechanical arm? If you haven't already repaired the damaged arm, do so now. First dismantle it (with the lunar tool or monkey wrench) and then replace the corroded parts with a mechanical hand and elbow, both of which can be bought from the distributor in the Dignitary's office.
You should now be able to produce your first item in the purifier. Insert a red and purple compote into the shovel, then immediately right click your mouse to open the inventory. Find, and hold the repaired mechanical arm before returning to the game. You need to position the purifier on your screen so that all four valves are visible, as in the graphic below.

As soon as any valve turns red (bottom left in the graphic) click on it with the mechanical arm to manually release the pressure. Note that the valves you need to open are randomly generated, so the order is different each time.
If done correctly some Zubroo concentrate should be in the shovel when the process ends. From the illustration in the formula you can work out that it must be combined with the viscous secretion emitted by the exiles. Combine the two items and you finally have some of Zubdssik's greasy amalgam, commonly known as grease.
Use the grease to oil the purifier valves so that pressure is automatically released when you next use the purifier.
Although you don't need it (you previously purchased it) you can make another lot of glue.

Insert a purple and green compote into the purifier, then combine the resultant Yrsagtt concentrate with some viscous secretion to make Yrshnouff's gluance.
NOTE: Extra lots of glue and grease are useful items to sell to the Dignitary if you need more lunars.