Scrupul told you to use Klipso's lightening paint on the shell and how to enter the Hall of Secret Antiquities where one of the ingredients can be found. From the illustrations on it you know which chemistry formula deals with this.

Follow the instructions and insert a purple seedling (made with lunar soil and a purple fruit) into the purifier to produce Klipsgaal's isotopes. Examine the isotopes (in your inventory) to learn one of them has a lower atomic weight than the others. To isolate the light isotope you need to use the isotope scale in the laboratory. First place all nine isotopes on the scale, then move those you want to compare (by dragging them with your mouse) onto the two metal trays. Press the silver button in the centre to do the actual weighing. Although there's no limit to the number of weighing operations you use to do this, intelligence points are only earned by doing it in two weighing operations. This is easily achieved if you move three isotopes onto each tray, leaving the remaining three on the scale. Now apply the following logic:

If either tray is lighter than the other, then the light isotope is on that tray
If both trays weigh the same, then the light isotope is one of the three still on the scale
Using the same logic, put one of the 'lighter' three in one tray and another in the other tray
If either tray is lighter than the other, then the one in that tray is the light isotope
If the isotopes weigh the same, then the one not weighed is the light isotope

You identify the light isotope as the first component on the second line of the formula.

The second component is illustrated by the ideogram of a blue fruit, therefore the third one must be the liquid essence Scrupul told you to get from Klipsaggt's decanter-measure in the Hall of Secret Antiquities.


Follow the formula for the miniaturization procedure by inserting a green and purple hybrid into the purifier and produce Xulmi's crystalline powder. The white granules in the formula represent salt, so combining sodium chloride with Xulmi's crystalline powder produces Xuldakir's star.
Go down to the sixth level and fit Xuldakir's star into the star-shape on the device. Ardan shrinks and enters the Hall of Secret Antiquities. Pull the lever next to the door to open it, allowing you to move freely between the two areas.




Empty can on the rock ledge

(2)Lever to fill the can
(3)Lever to empty the can
(4)Lever to regulate the flow between the can and tank (needs to be greased)
(5)Button to move the essence between the can and tank
(6)Lever to fill the tank (7)
(7)Tank - note the level measurements of '5' and '9'
(8)Lever to empty the tank
Begin by placing the empty can on the rock ledge to the left. Look carefully at the illustration of the liquid essence on the formula noting the three X's above it. This indicates 'three measures' of the liquid essence. When filled, the empty can holds four measures and the tank holds nine. To get exactly three measures first fill the empty can, then drain the essence from it into the tank. Repeat this process and the tank will have eight measures in it. When done a third time the tank will be full after one measure is drained, leaving exactly three measures of liquid essence in the can.
Combine the light isotope, blue fruit and three measures of Essence of Klipsaggt to make Klipso's lightening paint.
Before dashing off to your shell, take the painting (The Tunnel of Communication) and broken mirror. Read the entry in the log about the painting to learn that the parabolic mirror was the earth / moon communication system. Examine the fresco on the wall to copy it into your log, as the drawings are relevant later. The mechanical elbow and hand can also be taken and sold to the Dignitary.


Coat the shell with Klipso's lightening paint. Note that if the paint in the can has dried up because you took too long to get to the shell, use the adjustable flame inside the shell to liquefy it again. After lightening your shell, use the iron bar to remove the stone wedged underneath it. If you're curious as to where the shell landed, it's visible beyond the yellow chlorine gas on the second level.